What Article Structures Can a Content Writer Use in Writing

When it comes to writing, there is more than one way to present any idea you have. You have many article structures you can choose from when presenting ideas in the written form. When writing, you must always pick out the structure that can better present the ideas you have. Here are some of the article structures that you should know of as a content writer.


The example structure is advantageous for a content writer to use when you have a point that is simple enough to express. There are even cases when you can just write it out in the introduction of your article. After writing about the examples, you also have to write about how others have applied them.


Content WriterThis is an article structure recommended when you just want to share new ideas. When it comes to this article structure, you will start out by creating a logical argument that can help people arrive to a similar conclusion you have in mind. In this structure, you do not start with your main point but with something that the readers already accept.


PIE is the abbreviation for the article structure Point-Illustration-Explanation. You can say that the said structure is quite similar with the example article structure. The only difference is that you do not just share examples but you are making statements regarding the topic. There is thorough discussion about the points you provide.


A professional content writer will view this as a piece of content with a high value. After all, interviews allow for the sharing of inside information that the public commonly do not have access to. Interviews are usually more than just videos and audios. They are oftentimes paired with a written transcript these days.


It is a common article structure that most article writers will want to follow. There are lists that are short and easy to write while there are some that are long and require extensive research. The length of the lists does not matter though. After all, most people love lists. It is an article structure that is easier for the readers to read too.

Inverted pyramid.

Most people might already know about the inverted pyramid structure, especially those people who have a background with journalism. With inverted pyramid, the article will be structured with the most important details written at the introduction and the least important details at the bottom of the page.

Link post.

This is an article structure that is commonly used by a professional content writer. After all, the said article structure promotes more SEO value to any website. With the link post, writers will mostly create pages that link to other web pages. The latter can either be on your own website or to other websites. Doing the link post properly can help improve the site’s rank with major search engines.

Product review.

The product review is only recommended for writers who want to become a recognized authority as a solutions provider. When writing the product review, you can either introduce what particular problem the product solves or introduce the actual product and then write a review of how well it works. Do not forget to introduce the maker too. Also, you have to write about what you like and dislike about the said product.

Book review.

This has a similar article structure to the product review. Only that, the book review provides an insight for released books. For a content writer, you will be tasked to summarize the major points of the book first so you need to read it. Introducing the author and reviewing the book comes after. Do not forget to include what you actually like about the book as well as what you dislike about it. Lastly, you can also give a recommendation for your readers, whether they should buy this book or not.

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