Introduction to Safety Talks

Safety talks are activities to be conducted to keep workers reminded that safety and health are important factors in the workplace. Oftentimes, such discussions tackle certain problems in a particular task, outlining the best way of addressing them. Through this, proper introduction to safety, health materials, and procedures are given, especially those required in executing a certain job. A talk usually takes 5-10 minutes.

Safety TalksIn giving safety talks, you want to help your people get familiar with the hazards of their jobs and the ways of mitigating those risks. This kind of talk also shows the commitment of the company to ensure that its workers remain safe during their shifts. This is also a way to provide awareness that each member of the firm has a responsibility to maintain safety and good health.

To make safety talks effective, there are things that should be considered. Here are the most important ones:

1.Choose topics that are important to the nature of the job. It is important that you are aware of your audience’s needs; that way, you’ll be sure that you’ll manage to pick a topic suited for them.

2.Deliver your talk in a place where it is most appropriate. For example, if your attendees are office-based, then give your talk at an office.

3.Make yourself clear to your listeners. Introduce the topic well. Let them know what exactly you will discuss, and how it will affect their jobs.

4.Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your talk to make it feel more realistic and relatable. If possible, you can present situational concepts using your personal experiences at work.

5.Use the things around you to make representations. You can connect the concepts in your talk with the things you see around the site. In this way, your listeners will easily realize that listening to your discussion has practical benefits.

6.Talk about the hazards of the job. It is important for them to know the possible outcomes of their actions. These talks will help explain the ways on how to prevent and control these hazards.

7.Use props. If possible, use the same equipment that the workers are using in their jobs. Let them perform the safety practices on the actual item so that they will learn better.

8.Interact with your attendees. Encourage your listeners to ask questions, and answer them with all your knowledge. It is important that you have enough information about your talk so that you can give them the relevant details. Also, ask the attendees if they have suggestions. Their ideas can help improve the organizational system.

9.Put their learning to a test. You can give a short exam to check if they have learned from your talk. You can also give them a practical exam to observe how they will apply the safety tactics while performing their work routine.

10.Always keep a record of your talks. Have the names of the attendees recorded and when the talk was held. That’s why it’s important that you have someone who will take down notes for you.

Safety talks are essential since they provide information that will help the workers execute their tasks more effectively, without comprising their safety. Do your best so that your attendees will remember what you told them whenever they use a certain equipment or tool, and when they work on a particular task. Make your listeners see that the talk you are giving is important to them, and applying the things they have learned will give them what they’ve always wanted – a safer working environment.


Badge LanyardsThe purposes of events are to educate, inform, entertain and promote the business in the most advantageous ways possible. Organizers of events, conferences, forums, exhibits, concerts, fun runs, fund-raising activities, and even celebrations surely want to please every attendee. Participants who are satisfied with these events could become long-term patrons and customers who can spread the good news to other potential clients. This makes event planning very important for any organization or business.

Badge lanyards are useful, creative and versatile tools in making events more memorable. Here are some ways to use them on different occasions:

1. Weddings

Yes! They can make wedding celebrations more organized. Wedding planners can help couples remember the names of their guests with badges attached to lanyards that match the event’s motif. Guests who are strangers to each other will be encouraged to talk to each other. Long-time acquaintances will immediately recall each other’s names, and even the times they shared. Lanyards also eliminate worries over damaging gowns, cocktail dresses, or suits when issuing badges with pins. Besides, this kind of event is a families and friends’ affair so being creative is part of the excitement. They are usually used during the reception where informalities are allowed. Creatively-designed badge lanyards are a practical part of goodies or wedding giveaways, making everyone remember the occasion.

2. Tradeshows and Exhibits

Badge lanyards are important identification tools of exhibitors and professionals. During these events, attendees want to go around and seek the best products. Most of the time, potential buyers want to know more about the specifications of the displayed products or details of the services offered. They look for experts who can answer their inquiries and reduce their apprehensions. Using name badges attached to lanyards is very beneficial for entrepreneurs and customers. The visibility of names, company, credential, and role to the event helps everyone connect. Knowing who they want to deal with instantly by looking at each other’s badges will bring better and faster business transactions.

3. Concerts and Shows

Badge lanyards used as tickets are creative strategies to drumbeat the events. Teens who enjoy the concerts of their favorite icons love to collect event paraphernalia, and these badges are collectible items as well as promotional materials to gain more audience. They can be printed with images of celebrities or singers, encouraging teens to show such accessories to others. They become collectibles and fans clamor for these kinds of items.

4. Conferences, Forums and Corporate Talks

One way to professionalize these events is to issue special badges containing the important topics, name of speakers, and pertinent details like websites, company name, and contact numbers. Event organizers plan these kinds of activities with success in mind. Every detail needs to be planned with care to make attendees satisfied. With personalized badges, participants enjoy seeing their information on display together with the necessary information regarding the event. Printing the schedules at the back of the badges eliminate the hassle of making many flyers to help them become familiar with the events’ procedures. The logos and brand names of big sponsors are also displayed, providing greater value to their generosity.

5. Sports Events and Competitions

These events are swarmed with people so everybody who matters like organizers, coaches, sports directors, athletes, paramedics, VIPs, and security personnel need badge lanyards for easy identification. When they wear similar shirts or uniforms, it would be easier to identify the proper personnel. Coaches usually wear them to hold score cards, whistles, keys and other important tools to keep their hands free for giving the necessary hand signals to their teams. Spectators can use their lanyards to hold binoculars for easy viewing.

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Processes in PCB Fabrication

Printed Circuit Boards are also called “printed wiring cards” or even “printed wiring boards.” PCBs electronically connect different points together, which allows electronic power to be routed from one physical device to another. There are various processes involved in PCB fabrication which is an integral part of the manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards. The first thing to consider before the actual PCB fabrication process is to draw the PCB layout, and then place the components based on the drawn layout. To give an overview of the fabrication process, the order in which they are performed are: cleaning and shearing, punching, then pattern imaging, etching and electrolytic and electro less plating.

The first process in PCB fabrication is board preparation, which consists of shearing and punching. Punching is also called hole-making. This is to create holes, tabs and other drilling operations on the board. The board is also sheared according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The holes are made by drilling and punching, and these are made in close alignment with other processes to achieve accuracy. When the processes are followed properly, high quality drilled holes are obtained. A computer-controlled drill press that is specifically programmed is used for this purpose. There are also other drilling techniques being done today, and many more are being discovered. As a final phase in this process, the board will be cleaned in order to remove grease and dust from the surface. Cleanliness is essential to avoid contamination which would affect the entire process.

PCBThe next process in PCB fabrication is pattern imaging. This replicates the design pattern that the circuit designer made on the copper PCB layers. This is done through a variety of methods such as silk screen printing, photoengraving; PCB milling and laser resist ablation. As the image of the pattern is transferred to a physical plane, they are laid out, stacked and glued together in the same order as the layout file or the fabrication note, which is a document that is given by the designer. To protect the physical plane of the PCB, a plastic layer is placed on top of the material. This plastic layer is known as a solder mask. This mainly protects the copper part of the PCB from corrosion and abrasion. Various testing are then done, and then a special coating is applied to further protect the PCB. This is called conformal coating and these are made up of various chemicals, such as the dilute solution of silicon rubber or epoxy.

In PCB fabrication,the etching process comes after pattern imaging. In this process, all the excess copper is removed, and what is left behind is only the photo resist material or painted side of the pattern. Only the desired copper is left. In etching, the PCB is fully immersed in a ferric chloride solution. The most common etching method used is using Ferric Chloride, as previously mentioned. Ammonium Persulphate or Hydrochloric Acid are also used. There are other forms of etching such as chemical etching, electrochemical etching and potentiostatic etching.

Plating or electroplating is the next step. In this process, the entire outer layer of the board is laminated. Additional copper, tin and gold plating are applied.

Finally, the PCBs are tested using different methods and ways. In industrial settings, PCBs are tested using Rigid Needle adaptor, Bed of Nails test and other types of tests. These tests are all aided by a computer program which gives explicit instructions on the electrical test unit to place a small voltage of electricity on each contact point. The tester then verifies if voltage appears at the right contact points.

Understanding the Benefits of Chat Service Platforms

chatsTechnology has soared through the past decade. Every month, there are new developments in entertainment systems, mobile communication devices, computers, and so much more. This boom in technology has led to the creation of new outlets for business and increased the number of available income-generating channels. One of the most popular channels being utilized by different industries today is the Internet. It can reach audiences from across the globe and sales can be generated in as little as a minute with nothing but a simple click.

The thing about online advertising is that it can bring quite an expense to the source and this is why chat service and other tools are important for company websites. The goal is simple and that is to ensure that most, if not all, online advertising efforts translate to the conversion of new contacts, potential customers and paying clients.

For someone to visit a company’s website, this can either mean that he is in need of a product being offered by the company or he was a referred visitor and is just browsing through. He may also be there to make a specific inquiry. The availability of a live chat service allows consumers to post questions and get the answers that they need in a few seconds time. This type of communication is what generates the profitable leads that a business desires.

Roughly speaking, if there are more leads being generated, then the online advertising costs of companies become smaller and smaller until they reach a negligible amount on the books. Unlike traditional business dealings, the existence of live chat platforms provides consumers with utmost convenience. This allows potential clients to connect with companies at a time that is most convenient on their part.

The thing about the Internet is that it provides people with an avenue to do their shopping after working hours. Most people go online after work, late in the evening, sometimes even at unimaginable hours of the day. This does not mean that there is no sale to be made. Most online sales actually happen during these moments. This is why websites need to equip themselves with a chat service element.

This type of customer service platform allows the client to connect with the business and the latter to engage with the former. When a stable connection to the Internet is available, chatting becomes a much easier option compared to telephone calls and other forms of communication. There are no queues. There is no need to hold a call for hours.

Aside from offering the convenience of getting a hold of the services of a company personnel when needed, having live chat service also eliminates the risk of your potential customers looking for a different seller for their purchase. When they are engaged in an informative exchange of words, most of the time, they end up making a purchase right then and there. Customers make a purchase not only because their questions have been answered but also because they have experienced quality customer service by means of extended or out-of-hours inquiry accommodation.

For websites, it is important that the available chat service be based on a company-customized software platform. Having internal or external agents is also a must. There are providers who offer one, two, or both. In this case, those that offer all-inclusive services at realistic rates are recommended. Business arrangements may come in regulated contracts or per-lead agreements. The former includes a recurring charge for services provided regardless of the results. The latter, on the other hand, determines monthly charges based on how many leads have been generated for the company.